Project information

  • Category: Link Building
  • Client: Oanda
  • Project date: 01 February 2023
  • Project URL:

Successful Link Building Campaign

Since February 2023, our diligent efforts have fueled an exceptional campaign for OANDA, which has yielded remarkable results in less than six months. With a focus on their foreign markets and spot crypto offerings, we have masterfully crafted just under 200 valuable links that have amplified OANDA's digital footprint across diverse platforms. This strategic link-building initiative has bolstered OANDA's global presence, establishing its authority and recognition within these specialized markets. Our meticulous approach and keen understanding of OANDA's target audience have led to a network of connections that not only enhance visibility but also drive engagement and trust. This campaign serves as a testament to our commitment to ensuring OANDA's continued success and prominence on the international stage.